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New (experimental) Ubuntu packages for Nuxeo DM and DAM

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We’ve restarted work on Debian/Ubuntu packages.

To try the new packages on an Ubuntu Lucid (10.04) machine, you can add the following line at the end of your /etc/apt/sources.list :

deb lucid partner
deb lucid snapshots

Then you can run:

$ apt-get update
$ apt-get install nuxeo-dm-jboss

OR (at this point you can’t have both DM and DAM on the same server, at least not running at the same time, unless you change the ports of one of the servers):

$ apt-get install nuxeo-dam-jboss

Currently only snapshots versions are provided, we need your help to test and make the system extra robust for when Nuxeo DM 5.3.2 will be released (in a few weeks).

We haven’t tried (yet) the packages on other distros than Ubuntu Lucid, hopefully it will work without changes on a recent Debian and a few previous Ubuntu releases, but there might be some minor issues and we need your help to run the tests on other setups.

If you have bugs to fill, you can go to:

If you want to help fine-tune the packages, you can fetch the build scripts using Mercurial this way:

$ hg clone

Many thanks to Mathieu Guillaume and Julien Carsique for writing the new packaging scripts. There is some more work to do, but I’m sure the result will be great.

Please give us feedback, as this will keep us motivated to improve the packages!

June 28th, 2010 at 5:46 pm

  • Clive Munemo

    I tried sudo apt-get install nuxeo-dm-jboss
    But nothing happened. please help me I want to try Nuxeo and have a feel but I seem to be failing to install it on ubuntu 10.04.

  • Stefane Fermigier

    What do you mean by “nothing” ?
    Can you run a “ps auxw | grep java” ?
    Note that the Nuxeo server can take some time to start.

  • Clive Munemo

    Thanks Stephane it installed at last

  • tich

    Hie Stephane how can i install nuxeo using a different port ie. port 8887 because my glassfish server3 is running using port8080

  • Stefane Fermigier

    @tich: to change the port number, you have to edit the conf/server.xml in the tomcat variant or server/default/deploy/jboss-web.deployer/server.xml in the jboss variant.
    Another option, which is the one we’re actually using at Nuxeo, is to set up a second IP on your server (say: eth0:1) and bind Nuxeo to it. This way, you can have two servers on port 8080, because they are bound to different IP addresses.
    In the future, is will be possible to choose a different port base (say, 9000 instead of 8000) in nuxeo.conf, and it will be taken care of automatically, but it’s not done yet.

  • wsymbiosis

    I installed, but I dont get DOC, XLS, PDF Previews, What do I need to do now?


    Bonjour , je viens d’installer la solution nuxeo-dam 1.2 snapshots sur un serveur ubuntu 10.04.1 lucid mais je rencontre des problemes pour y ajouter le support d’authentification ldap ,auriez vous un tuto sous la main ou une doc autre que celles presentes sur le site (elles ne s’appliquent apparement pas à cette version de nuxeo dam. ) Cordialement

  • Jorge

    Hi Stefane
    I’m trying to installs Nuxeo with jboss following your instructions. After follow your steps I could launch an installation for tomcat but not for jboss.
    sudo apt-get install nuxeo-dm-jboss
    I get a message telling that the package doesn’t exist. The following instruction work but install tomcat instead of jboss:
    sudo apt-get install nuxeo-dm
    Any clues?

  • Stefane Fermigier

    Hi Jorge.
    This post is already a slightly outdated.
    We stopped packaging nuxeo-dm-jboss for the last releases, and now focus on nuxeo-dm-tomcat (you can still install Nuxeo with a JBoss server manually, of course).
    See for the latest (and up to date) information.

  • Jorge

    Hi Stefane,
    I going to change to tomcat, as this will be the future line of nuxeo.
    Thanks for the information.